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Gain clarity and confidence about your retirement future with our platinum program.

The Emeritus Program is for those who want to enjoy the significant financial benefits that can be gained when you integrate your retirement funding strategy into your investment strategy.

It's your life. Spend it wisely.

Better financial choices – choices that could add hundreds of thousands to your retirement cash flow – will always be made when your money manager has forward-looking knowledge of how much money will be withdrawn from each of your accounts on an annual basis. Why? Because it allows them to adopt a pension-like approach to the structure of each of your investment accounts.

This disciplined process of moving portions of your portfolio closer to cash, as the need for withdrawals approaches, will protect your retirement nest egg from inevitable market downturns and allow you to do more and worry less.

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Choices that will make your money work harder and last longer

Having consciously charted an initial draft of their retirement journey using Retirement Designer, our clients begin to appreciate the frequency with which they are likely to make course corrections and the funding modifications these adjustments can have. Under the Emeritus Program, your Retirement Income Specialist frequently checks in to see how your journey is progressing and provides you with the insights and guidance needed to help you confidently make the right choices when unanticipated opportunities or challenges arise.

What our clients say:

My retirement plans are always being revised. It’s why we meet regularly with our Retirement Income Specialist to provide updates to the timing and costs of our upcoming activities. With their guidance, we make informed decisions to determine where we will choose to source the cash flow to cover these costs.”

– Kevin & Louise Smith

Our Retirement Income Specialist is constantly encouraging us to increase our activity, particularly during the Go-Go years of our retirement. The Emeritus system of monitoring our retirement progress is providing us with the confidence to follow their advice. We don’t want to be looking back, later in our lives, realizing we missed the opportunity to do more, based upon unfounded fears about our finances.”

– Branden & Niki Lepage

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