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We have a heritage of excellence
in financial planning

How do you make the best choices of how to fund your annual retirement cash flow requirements? By working with one of our Retirement Income Specialists. We'll help you make better choices so you can reap the dividends and gain the clarity and certainty you deserve.

Discover the answer to the biggest question about your financial future

Am I going to be OK?

The CEO and founder of Retirement Navigator is Doug Dahmer (MBA, CFP, TEP), a Retirement Income Specialist and Certified Financial Planner who has been passionately committed to solving the unique challenges and issues facing Baby Boomers preparing for retirement. Through extensive research and consultation with well-respected thought leaders in this field over the past three decades, Doug has become a recognized leader in both the financial and non-financial aspects of how to successfully plan for the second half of life.

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We can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your lifetime net worth

Having forward knowledge of how much money you need and when you need it empowers you to make better choices. Choices that can significantly increase your cash flow and net worth during retirement.

Our team

Doug Dahmer


Over his 30-year+ career in the financial planning industry, Doug has become an expert in both the financial and non-financial aspects of planning for the second half of life.

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Michael Deen

Co-Founder, Planner and Advisor

An innovator and true problem solver when not managing technical operations for Retirement Navigator™ and Better Money Choices™, Michael works with clients whose planning needs require non-conventional solutions due to their complexity.

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Frank Wiginton

Planner and Advisor

Frank is the author of the best-selling book ‘How to Eat an Elephant: Achieving Financial Success, One Bite at a Time.’

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Gregory Dobson

Planner and Advisor

Greg is a Chartered Professional Accountant and lives by the motto “In Your Best Interest”. As an experienced tax expert, Greg is motivated by the desire to improve clients’ retirement incomes.

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Jim Lyons

Planner and Advisor

Jim’s passion for helping retirees is equalled only by his passion for family and sailing. Working with Jim in designing your retirement will decrease anxiety and produce retirement fulfillment for life. Reach out to Jim today.‍

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