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Tax-aware strategies can help you make better retirement income funding decisions.

Who we are

We build trusted relationships with clients as we demonstrate how wise funding choices can significantly increase their ability to make their money work harder and last longer.

What we do

As Retirement Income Specialists, we build retirement funding formulas that prescribe specifically where you should choose to source the cash flow required to fund your scheduled retirement lifestyle. These funding formulas are strategically designed to minimize the amount of income tax you will pay over the balance of your life – which also serves to optimize the amount of cash flow you have available to fund your retirement.

How we do it

Our Retirement Income Specialists rely upon our proprietary Retirement Designer, app to accomplish the three key elements that are critical to successfully crafting customized strategic retirement funding formulas for our clients.

A forward-looking projection of the years where cash flow requirements to fund scheduled lifestyle activities are significantly higher than your average annual cash flow requirements

The confirmation that your desired retirement outcomes are financially achievable based upon your accumulated retirement nest egg

The ability to constantly monitor your progress against the activities scheduled along your retirement journey so if /when course corrections become necessary, appropriate modifications to your funding formula can quickly be put in place

Why we do what we do

At Retirement Navigator, our goal is to significantly reduce the amount of income tax you will pay over the  balance of your retirement. Less money to the government translates to more money in your pocket. More money in your pocket allows you to do more and worry less.

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