What you need to believe

Retirement is a one-way street – there are no Re-Do’s. To retire successfully, you need to believe the following:

  • I will RELY on a money management system that follows the disciplines of a pension plan. This can only be accomplished if my money managers clearly understand, well in advance, exactly how much I will be withdrawing and from which portfolios these funds will be sourced.
  • The more good choices I make – the BETTER my retirement will be.
  • I have carefully contemplated WHAT I want to do, WHEN I want to do it and HOW BIG I want to do it – and I have a plan that confirms these life choices are achievable.
  • The goal in retirement is to align my money choices with my life choices – NOT the other way around.
  • I will rely on a set of easy, yet accurate TOOLS that make a proper planning process very doable.
  • I will know exactly what life choices and what money choices I need to make to achieve my desired OK – BEFORE I need to commit to them.
  • I will enjoy both the clarity that comes from KNOWING what is possible and the confidence of knowing the steps I need to follow to take my desired life choices a reality.
  • I will demand that pension-like disciplines are put in place to PROTECT my retirement nest egg from the most damaging risk – volatility.
  • I will get the highest SUSTAINABLE retirement income possible.
  • I will pay the LEAST taxes allowable.

There you have it. That is the short version of the good stuff from almost 30 years as a Retirement Income Specialist.

As Baby Boomers, we are redefining retirement, blurring the line between the end of work and the start of traditional retirement. The experience of previous generations is dangerously irrelevant – we are in uncharted waters here. As such, the probability of making serious, costly mistakes has significantly increased.

If you are uncertain about your future but would not like to be or if you would like to know more about how we craft success for our clients, contact us.

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